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Private Investigator agency in Paris founded in 2003

INVESTIG CORP Private Investigator

Surveillance and spinning, taking pictures and videos, due diligence, investigation of individuals and societies…

The function of the private investigator

The private investigator is the only professional legally entitled to investigate in the civil, commercial and administrative fields and is an indispensable partner to any person lacking evidence (individual, auxiliary justice, private company, public institution or community).

Indeed, the judge is not intended to collect the evidence necessary to inform his judgment and relies exclusively on the elements presented to him. It is therefore to the person who alleges to provide evidence of his remarks as specified in Article 9 of the Code of Civil Procedure: “It is incumbent upon each party to prove in accordance with the law the facts necessary for the success of its claim” .

Detective activity is defined in Article L621-1 of the Internal Security Code, which states that the job of a private investigator is to “collect, even without stating its quality or revealing the purpose of its mission, information or information intended for third parties for the defense of their interests. “

Private detectives are subject to professional secrecy by ordinary law (Article 226-13 of the Penal Code) and their ethics in accordance with Article R631-9 of the Internal Security Code. Their investigation reports are admissible in any jurisdiction since a landmark decision dated November 7, 1962.

Private investigator agency in Paris, France

INVESTIG Corp is a multidisciplinary private investigator agency based in Paris, operating throughout France and internationally through a rich and diverse network of correspondents. Founded in 2003, it collaborates with numerous law firms and acts on behalf of professionals and individuals.

INVESTIG Corp Private investigator has established itself as a reference agency in Paris thanks to its ethics and a great knowledge of the legal tools in the law of evidence. The investigators of the agency collect the evidence necessary to defend the interests of their clients then write a detailed, detailed and precise investigation report that can be produced in court in any jurisdiction.

The agency is located in Paris 9 and Paris 12 and intervenes 7/7 and 24/24 in the field of commercial law, social law or family law in particular. Its means and techniques of investigation are regularly updated and its IT department can carry out extensive investigations.

All its employees are graduates and approved by the CNAPS, National Council for Private Security Activities, it has licenses to practice for its institutions and its director, Antoine, UFEDP member, Federal Union of Investigators of Law private, holds a leading license.

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