Because bailiff and private detective have to get in the habit of working more together, a little article on the subject.

The complementarity of the bailiff and the private detective

The bailiff and the private detective can be very complementary. Often neglected, the added value of a private investigator for a bailiff is however real: search for people, help with the recovery of debts, preparation of report or seizure in particular.

It is for this purpose that we offer a summary of the fields of competence of a detective for a bailiff.

Location of debtor, natural person or legal person

Whether to issue a subpoena, proceed to service of a judicial act, or to start taking enforcement action, locate the addressee of his act is a prerequisite for the bailiff.

In the most difficult cases and when the amounts involved are substantial, it can be very relevant for a bailiff and his client to hire the services of a private investigator.

The only professional authorized to collect information “even without mentioning its quality or revealing the purpose of its mission”, few people are able to escape the investigations of private detectives.

Debt recovery assistance

The logical consequence of a trial won is therefore to proceed to enforcement measures if the other party does not show diligence.

Bailiffs have access to the FICOBA national bank account and similar files, unlike private investigators. In addition, the response time for each of their requests has significantly shortened since December 2010 since the results are available the day after their request and available for 3 days.

However, the FICOBA file is updated twice a year by the General Directorate of Public Finance (DGFIP).

Also, seizure-allocations sometimes report closed or debtor accounts. Therefore the detective is still an important match by the bailiff to obtain bank domiciliation up to date and to know which day to enter the seizure (which day the company pays wages to its employees?)

Finally, acts of forced execution is not limited to seizure and a private detective agency can bring you all his expertise to practice a seizure on salary, seizure or seizure real estate.

Preparation of report

The finding is another important activity of the bailiffs and for which the private detective will be able to bring all his know-how.

Whether for a finding in real estate (under-occupancy of premises, sublease …), in family matters (condition of custody of children, adultery …) or in the field of intellectual property (preparation of purchase report or de seizure counterfeit), the private detective can have a real added value:

  •     when to intervene? what day and what time?
  •     how to access the premises and make them accessible?
  •     where are the material or physical elements that are the subject of the report? and how to make sure that they will be there on D-day?

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