Debt recovery

Although the INVESTIG CORP Private Investigation Agency is not a debt collection agency, it nonetheless works very regularly with creditors and their lawyers to help recover large amounts of money.

The INVESTIG CORP agency is asked, initially, for the search of debtor and then, for a second time, for the search for assets through its solvency investigations.

With its many successes in this area, the agency has forged a solid reputation in debt recovery assistance.

Amicable and judicial debt recovery

The first step in recovering an unpaid claim is amicable recovery. This requires regular telephone reminders to his debtor and to put him on notice to pay by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt to provide a formal proof (this formal notice must be provided in case of legal proceedings).

If the invoices still remain unpaid, it is time to move on to the second step: collecting information about the debtor in order to proceed with a forced recovery, also known as judicial recovery.

This collection of information is necessary to ensure that the debtor has not changed address and is solvent. When a debtor has disappeared and is hiding, the agency INVESTIG CORP Private Investigator is then asked to proceed to its location.

Debtor search

recovering the debtorRecovering the debtor’s address allows him to give notice to pay, to make preliminary inquiries about him and then to summon him before the competent court.

The search of the real address of a debtor by the agency SENEX Detective is realized within ten working days in general as from the payment of the fees of provision. The less the debtor hides and the faster the search will be. The more he hides himself, uses nomads and changes his address regularly, the more searching will be tedious.

All information known by the creditor about his debtor must be communicated to the agency in order to avoid collecting information already known or to explore leads that lead to nothing.

The SENEX agency almost always finds the debtors it seeks, whether in France or internationally through its network of regular correspondents.

Solvency Investigation

After finding the address of the debtor, comes the time of the investigation of solvency. This investigation is usually done before any legal action to, first, assess whether the debtor is solvent, on the other hand, to take precautionary measures prior to any trial.

Thus, the debtor can not hide his assets or organize his insolvency during the trial.

It is difficult to assess the exact duration of a solvency investigation as each case is specific. By generalizing, a rapid survey can be conducted within ten business days of the payment of the provision fee, and a complex survey can take several weeks or even months in the case of a complex international investigation.

Taking precautionary measures before judicial recovery

In the event of judicial recovery, SENEX D├ętective advises its clients, when possible, to take precautionary measures. It is a question of seizing, as a precautionary measure, any liquidity or proceeding with a conservative judicial mortgage on a real estate property.

These measures are taken to the extent of the amounts owed by the debtor. Thus, the debtor can not be organized during the trial to escape, in fine, his obligations.

Moreover, from the moment when liquidity has been entered as a precautionary measure, time is of the essence of the person who blocks the money, ie the creditor.

Also, it is easier in these circumstances to negotiate in a position of strength with his opponent.

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