Morality inquiry

INVESTIG CORP Private Investigator conducts morality investigations on companies and individuals. As part of the collection of information before strategic decision-making, INVESTIG CORP PI informs its customers about the key points that have been previously defined.

Morality inquiry on society

A morality inquiry into a society begins with the scrupulous study of the composition of its social capital. The presence of suspicious personalities, investment funds jumpers or from networks unsavory alert on the morality of the company.

Subsequently, the company’s managers are listed and research is conducted to trace their course and identify any disputes.

Also, investigations are carried out about the company’s activity, its suppliers and subcontractors, money laundering risks are assessed and the company’s ethics are assessed globally.

Finally, research is carried out on possible convictions of the company on the civil, commercial, administrative or criminal.

Investigation of morality on physical person

A morality survey on a natural person begins with the collection of information on the degree course and the career path of the subject.

His graduate studies are verified, as are his positions and responsibilities. The information collected is compared with that provided by the target of the survey where appropriate.

His morality in his work, his management and possible disputes with his employers are also studied.

Finally, the person’s assets are checked to assess the consistency with their income. In case of anomaly, extensive research is conducted to find out the origin.

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