INVESTIG CORP Private investigator – Quote

Quotation request

A quote request is made in three steps: a form to complete, a phone interview, receipt of the quote.

Before requesting a quotation, please consult the fees charged by the INVESTIG CORP Private investigator agency on the RATE page.

1 – Quotation form

Complete the quote form as comprehensively as possible so that the agency can best meet your needs. Check the box for the confidentiality of the information transmitted and click on the “Send” button. The form is immediately received by the agency and then quickly processed by the relevant department.

2 – Phone interview

The agency takes note of the information transmitted via the form. If your application does not require an office consultation, an investigator from the agency will talk on the phone with you to clarify your request. The sending of documents by digital means may possibly be requested before drawing up the estimate.

3 – Quote reception

Once all the elements necessary for the establishment of a tariff estimate are in possession of the agency, a quote is sent to you by email within 48 hours. A private investigator from the agency usually comes back to you to clarify certain points and detail the strategy adopted in case of a complex file. The quote request is free.