Real estate

The Real Estate Department of INVESTIG CORP Private Investigator collects evidence on behalf of private individuals and professionals, owners, lessors or tenants. His areas of expertise are varied: non respect of a lease law 48, rupture of abusive lease, squat or disturbance of the neighborhood.

Insufficient occupation law 48

Passed on September 1, 1948 to counter the lack of housing in France after the war, the law 48 on residential leases offers a double advantage to the tenant in title: a very low rent increase every year and the possibility of legally transmitting his lease to one of his children.

Also, the dwellings currently rented in law 48 have rents far below the market price and tenants are sometimes tempted to abuse the situation as subletting their dwelling or use it as a pied à terre or secondary residence.

Or the law provides that a tenant can benefit from housing law 48 only for his principal residence. As a result, if the dwelling is occupied less than half of the year by the tenant, the landlord is entitled to request the termination of the lease.

INVESTIG CORP Private Investigator intervenes to provide the necessary evidence to the lessor to prove that the legal rental conditions are no longer respected by the tenant.

Breach of lease abusive

If the agency INVESTIG CORP Private Investigator intervenes on behalf of the lessor in the context of the non-respect of a lease law 48, it can be mandated by a tenant in case of breach of lease abusive.

A lessor may refuse to extend the lease of his tenant in different cases and in particular when the owner or one of his parents wishes to live in the dwelling as his principal residence.

However, it turns out that the tenant sometimes reports in fine that the conditions of breach of the lease are not respected. For example, that repossessed housing is not inhabited or has been sold.

INVESTIG CORP Private Investigator then proceeds to collect the evidence necessary to defend the interests of the former tenant so that he can obtain compensation for his loss.

Expulsion of a squat

Anyone who has had to deal with the squat of his home knows how complicated this situation is to manage because the law is clearly in favor of squatters.

Also, we must react quickly to such a situation at the risk of seeing the situation drag on for several years and its good to deteriorate.

INVESTIG CORP Private Investigator brings its know-how to the owners by investigating to determine the conditions of arrival of the squatters, identifying by name the squatters present in the places then by determining when the squat is abandoned in order to recover the places as fast as possible.

Neighborhood Trouble

Relationships between neighbors can fester and lose all reason. The intervention of a third or even a magistrate becomes necessary to solve the problems.

INVESTIG CORP Private Investigator endeavors to identify the perpetrators of neighborhood disturbances and to collect evidence of the disturbances caused in order to support the allegations of his clients in order to convince the magistrate.

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