Rental of housing

When it comes to renting residential premises, business premises or commercial premises, the INVESTIG CORP Private Investigation Agency intervenes to carry out pre-rental surveys, to help recover unpaid rent, to find a tenant who has left without paying or to collect evidence of prohibited subletting.

Pre-rental survey

To minimize the risk of unpaid, it is important to choose the right tenant to perform a pre-lease survey about it.

His personal situation is verified by the detectives of the INVESTIG CORP PI agency and the documents provided in his rental file are also analyzed and verified.

The legal existence of the company that employs it is verified, the position of the person is controlled as well as his seniority. Finally, INVESTIG CORP Private Investigator ensures that the leasing candidate does not benefit from an accomplice within the target company to deceive the lessor.

detective deprived locationCertifications are made on the surety, joint surety or simple surety: verification of direct and indirect patrimony, verification of official income…

Unpaid rent

Unpaid rent can have serious consequences, for example if a rental investment has been made and rents are supposed to cover the repayment of the mortgage.

Thus the owner can quickly end up in an uncomfortable and risky financial situation. Also, it is important to be very reactive in such a case and to recover unpaid rents as quickly as possible.

If the tenant is still in the premises, it is possible to assign him or his surety, for the payment of unpaid rent, then to execute his enforceable title.

In the case where the tenant has left the house in a hurry, at the wooden bell, or at the end of his lease without paying the full rent or causing significant damage in the room, it will find his address beforehand.

Tenant left without paying

The address search is one of the specialties of INVESTIG CORP Private Investigator. A tenant who left without paying concealed his new address to prevent his lessor from pursuing it judicially.

The first step for the recovery of unpaid rent is therefore the search for the address of the tenant left without paying. INVESTIG CORP investigators provide the results of their investigation within ten working days.

Once the new address is found, it is possible to assign the tenant in payment of unpaid rent. The search for its assets then makes it possible to proceed to the execution of an enforceable title in the event of forced execution.

Proof sublet

The subletting of any premises is prohibited unless it is expressly stated otherwise in the lease. However, it turns out that tenants regularly resort to subletting, especially since the arrival in France of rental platforms for individuals to private type Air BNB or HomeAway.

Also, many tenants sublet their home even though this is forbidden. This causes two main disadvantages: abnormal wear and tear of the living space and common areas because the occasional tenants are less respectful than a tenant in title in general, a real nuisance for the neighborhood because the comings and goings at staggered hours of the share of people responsible for luggage or alcoholic create nuisances sometimes unbearable.

INVESTIG CORP Private Investigator collects evidence of these subleases in order to defend the interests of its clients, landlords and landlords.

Contact INVESTIG CORP Private Investigator by phone on +33 1 88 33 50 55 or by using the form on the contact page.

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