Surveys for the public sector

The agency INVESTIG Corp private detective accompany many officials of the public sector. Here is an overview of the areas of expertise of the agency

Municipalities and local authorities

Municipalities and local authorities sometimes have to deal with the need for investigation that they can not assume internally, either because their means are devolved to public security rather than to the investigation, or because they do not have internal skills.

These needs are often punctual and municipalities do not have the means or the need to employ human resources for this purpose.

Also, it is possible to contact the agency INVESTIG Corp Private Detective to carry out investigation missions. These missions may concern a disturbance to public order or fraud of any kind.

The INVESTIG Corp agency has employees who can be quickly mobilized throughout France. Human and material resources can be deployed for both field investigations and financial investigations

Employers of public servants and non-public servants of public law

Law No. 83-634 of 13 July 1983 on the rights and obligations of public servants, provides in article 25 that public servants and non-public servants “may not engage in any gainful private activity of any kind whatsoever . “

The Council of State, supreme authority in administrative matters, had to decide on a dismissal of an official motivated by the report of a private detective.

In its judgment of 16 July 2014, it was unequivocal in the admissibility of the investigation report of a private detective:

“In the absence of any legislative provision to the contrary, the disciplinary authority responsible for establishing the facts on the basis of which it imposes a penalty on a public official may prove these facts before the judge. administrative by any means. “

“The fact for a municipality to use a private detective agency to establish that an agent exercised without authorization a private gainful activity does not reflect a failure of the municipality to its obligation of loyalty vis-à-vis his agent. “

Thus, any employer of public servant or agent not holding public right can contact INVESTIG Corp in order to prove the exercise of a lucrative activity on the part of INVESTIG Corp.


Customs is responsible for controlling individuals, goods and capital on all access points to the French, metropolitan and overseas national territory: ports, airports and roads, including the territorial sea.

Directly attached to the Ministry of Economy and Finance, customs is a major player in the fight against all forms of trafficking (narcotics, counterfeiting, money laundering …).

It happens to collaborate with outside informants in order to fulfill its mission and preserve the interests of the French state.
To this end, the agency INVESTIG Corp Detective can make its contribution to the customs


The fight against fraud can concern both taxes, organizations responsible for the recovery of social security contributions URSSAF, social security or any body with delegation of public service.

All of these entities face fraudulent means that are constantly improving and the volume of which can be significant.
Their material, technical and human resources are sometimes too limited in their task and the provision of support of any kind can be beneficial.

This support can be punctual and relate to a particular mission or be in the long term through support followed for several months or years.

In the context of anti-fraud investigations, INVESTIG Corp deploys resources in the context of internal or external investigations and reports regularly and directly to its client.

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